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David is a trusted advisor to CEOs and supports them to deliver 3 key outcomes:

Clarity about who they are as a leader, where they want to take their team and how they're going to get them there;
Confidence in knowing they have the right people, capabilities and resources to get the job done;
Control through knowing that their teams are on track towards achieving goals and objectives through the use of scorecards, dashboards and other alignment tools.

Research shows that teams who focus on developing leadership capability and building great cultures significantly improve productivity, performance and results. Importantly, it is often the competitive advantage that enables companies to thrive in difficult times.

With clients like BHP, Diageo and Astra Zeneca, David has helped teams in some of the world's top companies develop their leadership capability and create vibrant and thriving cultures. Teams he works with regularly break performance records and win industry awards.

David is known as the Exceptional Teams Architect because of the unique set of blueprints, structures and tools he has developed to help managers design, build and maintain high performance team cultures. He's been working with teams for over 30 years and in that time has amassed a huge collection of leadership and team development tools, processes and resources he shares with his clients.



David has helped leaders and their teams break performance records and win industry awards.



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“David Koutsoukis was engaged to develop and rollout a team development program for the Macedon Gas Plant team. The material and presentations were of excellent quality and David showed real professionalism at all times. This program has set the foundations for us to build upon and I would recommend David without question.”

Gary Mitchell

“David is an engaging facilitator and was able to connect well with our leadership team and staff. He has given us a wide range of practical tools and processes that place our values and mission at the heart of our organisation. I highly recommend his services to any leader who wants to get their people focussed, energised and results driven.”

Debbie Childs
Helping Minds

"Feedback has been very positive and on reflection we could never have achieved the team lift without your support. The team have started utilising your leadership and team building messages which is having a positive impact on our team effectiveness."

Mike Steel
Woodside Energy Ltd
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1. Expert in Leading teams

2. 30 Years Experience

3. Worked with 300+ Companies

4. Author of 27 Books

5. Creator of 100+ Team Resources

6. Works with Teams Every Week

7. Worked With World's Top Companies

8. Record Breaking Results

9. Brings Energy to Organisations

10. Easy to Work With

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“It is impossible to learn what one thinks one already knows.”


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."


"This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are."


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