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David Koutsoukis is an award winning speaker who has delivered over 1000 keynote presentations in 12 countries across 4 continents. He is known for his dynamic and engaging presentations that deliver compelling messages in a fun, yet practical way.

David has won many speaking awards and has the CSP designation, the highest international accreditation for speakers, held only by the top 10% of speakers worldwide.

Twice named West Australian Speaker of the Year, David is also a past National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (now Professional Speakers Australia).

David delivers memorable experiences for conference delegates, powerful messages for organisations and rave reviews for conference organisers.

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The 9 Drivers of Exceptional Teams

A Blueprint for Team Success

We live in a world where people conditioned to look for the next ‘new thing’. Leadership experts frequently release ‘brand new’ success formulas that are really just variations of what we know already. With the constant flow of information from social media and other sources, team leaders are often confused and overcomplicate what needs to be done to get the best out of their people and teams.

David Koutsoukis has been exploring the art and science of leadership for 30 years and has discovered there really only 10-12 simple concepts team leaders need to know.He has distilled these concepts into a simple, yet powerful Blueprint for Team Success. In this engaging and enlightening presentation David will show why‘there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s all in the way it’s spun’, and demonstrate how you can build high a performance team with less stress and more success by using simple messages, simple structures and simple systems.

Discover how to take your team from good - to great - to exceptional!

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Lead With Influence

Becoming a more engaging and influential manager

Exceptional Teams have engaging leaders who are able to connect with their people and influence,manage and motivate them towards achieving team goals and objectives.

This intriguing presentation will reveal the ancient secrets of influence and demonstrate how managers can apply them in a modern world to become more engaging and influential leaders.

Attendees will learn simple techniques to:

•Boost credibility and appear more intelligent,capable and assertive.

•Build trust and be perceived as professional,honest and reliable.

•Become more likeable with humility, empathy and people skills.

•Inspire others through passion, encouragement and by creating excitement.

LIFT Your Culture

Promoting Positive Mindsets in Teams

The are 4 types of people in teams: Draggers, Laggers,Cruisers and LIFTERS. Exceptional Teams are full of LIFTERS - people who LIFT the attitudes, aspirations and performance of those around them with positive thoughts, words and actions. LIFTERS are action-oriented andsolution-focussedand use their strengths to deliver high standards of performance and achieve exceptional results.

This dynamic presentation will show you how to LIFT Your Mindsets and boost the engagement, performance and results of your team.

Attendees will learn how to:

•Promote positive mindsets and shut down negativity.

•Harness the power of words by ensuring people use constructive and not destructive language.

•Motivate people to LIFT their expectations of behaviour and results, and how to support their team-mates to do the same.

•Generate positive energy through simple activities that promote positive action.

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Find Your KEFI

How to find and keep your zest for life!

KEFI is a Greek word that means ‘zest for life’ and people who are engaged in life and work have plenty of it. They are positive, productive people with an optimistic outlook and a can-do attitude. People who are unhappy, negative or disengaged have ‘lost their KEFI’ and sap the energy of those around them. Individuals want KEFI, managers want KEFI and teams need KEFI.

Discover how to boost the energy and enthusiasm of your people with this fun and interactive keynote presentation.

Attendees will learn:
• The critical importance of KEFI for individual, team and organisational
• How to Find Your KEFI every day and sustain it.
• How to snap out of bad moods and Find Your KEFI quickly.
• How to become a KEFI Creator and help others find their KEFI.

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Build One Team

Enabling Excellent Teamwork

Exceptional Teams are efficient and effective because their people worktogether well as a team. They have a strong sense of fellowship and auniqueness that makes people feel they belong to a special family ortribe. Exceptional Teams engender a sense of belonging, trust andmutual respect and a collective commitment to team goals. As theMusketeers would say, they have a mindset of, 'All for one and one for all!’

Attendees will discover the 4 Tenets of Teamwork and learn how to:

Improve team commitment and loyalty.
Get all team members aligned and focussed towards achieving teamgoals.
Improve teamwork and create synergy with better communication.Boost relationships and team spirit with simple ideas to improve trust.

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“David’s presentation really hit the spot. His entertaining style and connection with the delegates really shone through with the key messages being evident long after the presentation.”

Norman Neill
Managing Partner
HLB Mann Judd

"David's exuberance, innovative approach and engaging manner with which he connects to the audience are exemplary - a truly sensational learning experience!"

Julie Egonidis
National Conference and Congress Executive

"David’s ability to engage and energise the entire audience was exceptional. He created a great deal of fun, enthusiasm and value, which resulted in our best conference ever!”

David Moroney
Chief Financial Officer
CBH Group
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